How To Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is harmful to health. Dangers of smoking have been widely discussed in various scientific forums. Ministry of Health and NGOs concerned with health never stop telling people about the dangers of smoking. However, smoking habit seems very difficult to be eliminated.

Among people, not a few people who want to quit smoking. However it is not easy to do. Perhaps because they do not know how to quit smoking.

1. Strengthen your intention to quit smoking.

Intention is very important factor. Strong intention to quit smoking even be the most decisive factor. If we do not have strong intention, our efforts will be in vain. Instill in us the mindset that smoking is harmful to health. There is no benefit at all we can get out of this bad habit.

2. Drink lots of water.

Furthermore, make it a habit to drink water as starters. Drinking water beneficial to remove nicotine and several toxins that accumulate in our body (detoxification).

3. Avoid alcohol, coffee and sugar.

Consuming sugar, coffee and alcohol can lead to the desire to smoke. Therefore avoid all three. If necessary, also avoid the usual places provide alcohol, coffee, and sugar. As well as the fatty foods, because your metabolism will slow down a bit without nicotine.

4. Increase the useful activity.

Do not let your time be missed without the bustle. Fill your spare time with a variety of useful activities. You can make busy with your hobby such as gardening, caring for electronic equipment, cycling, playing music, clean the house, or watching a favorite movie with friends. Or you can exercise like fitness, jogging or strolling around the housing complex.

5. Finding substitute for cigarettes.

For someone who used to smoke, not smoke a day can make the mouth feel sour. Therefore, look for a replacement of the smoking habit. You can replace cigarettes with low-calorie foods such as apples, carrots or celery. In addition, chewing ginger gum or sucking on cinnamon sticks can be an option. Similarly with a cup of tea or mint. The point is any positive thing that can replace cigarettes.

6. Seeking support from family and friends.

We need to inform our efforts and intentions to quit smoking to the nearby neighborhood such as family and friends. Because the support from family and friends is very important.  Moreover, usually the beginning of someone smoking is due to the influence from environment. That way, they will understand. They also will not offer cigarettes to you and may even help you to keep cigarettes from your sight. Quitting smoking may seem difficult, but with the support from family and friends, your efforts can run more easily.

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7. Reducing smoking gradually.

Quitting smoking can not be done abruptly. All things take time and process. Reducing smoking is not an easy job to do in a day.  The best way to stop smoking is to reduce the number of cigarettes gradually. If you used to smoke a pack a day, try to cut back to 10 cigarettes alone. The next day, cut again into 8 sticks, the third day into five rods, and so on. Until the end of the day you are able to not smoke at all.

8. Stop smoking with breathing techniques.

Inhale deeply through your nose and remove it through the mouth slowly. This is an effective way to keep you at the time you want to smoke. Do this every time you want to smoke. You can do it 3 times at a time. Take a deep breath, hold it for a while and then remove it slowly through the mouth. Actually this is a variation techniques of yoga, and it is very soothing. By doing the breathing process, your intention to quit smoking will be strong so that you can reduce your desire to smoke.

Finally, consult with your doctor so that you get better suggestions. Some ways to quit smoking above are some simple effort you can apply for your body healthier. So you can live everyday better.