5 Tips For An Ultra-Flat Stomach

Losing belly fat to get a six-pack abs is considered to be the hardest part of any diet/exercise plan and most of us have a hard time to shed those extra fat from our belly area.

Although it’s true that the belly area contains the most stubborn fat in our bodies, with the right type of foods and right exercises it can be easier to get an ultra-flat stomach.

Here are 5 tips that you must understand and incorporate into your lifestyle if you really want to get that six-pack stomach:

1. Watch out for what you take into your body:

Nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving good looking abs and nothing can be compared to watching out for what you take into your body in your journey towards a flat stomach. The first thing you need to do is to control your blood sugar level. This is accomplished by eating less but in more frequent intervals. Instead of having two or three heavy meals, spread it throughout your day with 5-6 slight meals. For instance, an omelette with vegetables could be your choice for a slight meal.Your each meal should be comprised of protein, carbohydrates and a bit fat.

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2. Measure calories you take each day:

If you think you are eating less, attending regular workout sessions and still cannot lose those stubborn fat around your stomach, you should check how many calories you take each day. Irrespective of how little you think you eat, you might be taking excessive amounts of calories than what is needed by your body. How many cups of coffee you drink every day? What about coke? Many seemingly innocent drinks are in fact calorie stores. In order to get that flat stomach, you’ll need to measure the calorie levels as well as grams of protein, carbohydrate and fats of your foods you take each day from now on.

3. Reduce calories once in a week:

After measuring the amount of calories you take and scheduling your meals, it’s rather easy to lose fat effectively. Simply reduce calories by 200 every week. Starting with very little food which your body isn’t used to is not recommended since it causes you metabolism to slow down and burn muscles instead of fat. This is not what we are trying to achieve, so start with a normal amount of calories and reduce it gradually. Losing 2-3 pounds a week is normal. If you are losing fat more quickly, try to normalize it by taking a few extra calories per day.

4. Start weight training:

Resistance training is another major component to achieving six-pack abs. You should attend 3-4 workout sessions every week, each one lasting no less than 35 minutes. Your workout program should consist mainly of abdominal exercises to strengthen the lower, lateral and upper abdominal muscles.

5. Spare time for cardio exercises:

Performing cardiovascular exercises for 3-4 times a week is priceless in losing belly fat (Using supplements like Garcinia Cambogia Efectos Secundarios will help you even faster). Start with a moderate exercise plan and gradually move on to the higher intensity workout sessions. Do the exercises in scheduled sets and give yourself one-minute breaks between each set and most importantly stick with your plan no matter what happens.

Don’t cheat! You’ll start to see positive results as early as in the first two weeks of your diet + exercise plan.