How To Keep Skin Healthy

Healthy skin is skin that has a normal function, with no abnormalities and disease. Or clinically categorized as smooth skin, tight, bright, works well, has an optimal tolerance, and humid.  A healthy skin is an element that most attention in the beauty.

There are many factors that affect our skin. Even genetics play a big role, but stress, sun exposure and smoking is one other important factor. skin is the first thing seen, when we begin to experience aging. So it is only fair to give care and maintain healthy skin.

Here are some tips that can keep your skin healthy:

1. Protect from excessive sun exposure

Sunlight is good for health, but too much exposure under the sun can damage the skin. You need to protect the skin from the sun with skin products to prevent aging of the skin as wrinkled skin, dry, and make the skin color changes, thinning of the skin and skin diseases associated with exposure to sunlight can make the skin appear much older. So start protecting the health of your skin with sun protection cream beauty products.

2. Do Exercise Routinely

As we get older, it is impossible to hide the signs of aging on the skin behind. Neck, cheek and the corner of your eyes is the most simple beauty skin look older as you get older. In order to improve the skin’s appearance, we must balance between diet and regular exercise. Besides you also have to be diligent to drink water, at least eight to ten glasses per day.

3. Do Not Smoking and Reduce Caffeine Consumption

This tip is especially for men, because the population of smokers in the world are men. Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also can make the health of your skin dull and wrinkled. According to some studies there is strong suspicion that the nicotine contained in cigarettes has the same effect as elastin in the sun. In addition, you need to reduce consumption of caffeine such as coffee drinking habits.

4. Smile Enough

We tend to face in the position of the expression that we take all the time. If you are more often sullen or angry, your skin will be more likely-creased rapidly, especially in the area of the eyes, lines and corners of lips or other lines to follow when sullen expression. A smile can make wonders for your skin beauty and ageless as well. So to avoid the old so fast, you need to do is to smile more.

5. Do Skin Care

Skin care is very important. You should immediately wash your face every time you come out in the sun. Rubbing the skin with beauty products on a regular basis, at least 2 times a week, will help lift dead skin cells and dirt, so the skin can breathe more freely and more vibrant.

6. Sleep Position

Avoid sleeping with a fixed position throughout the night, this can cause your skin to wrinkle. And you should sleep at least 8 hours every day.

Well if you can performs above tips of keeping the healthy skin, you can have healthy skin and you will look younger.